Soul Art School Art Exhibit

Birte Thurow


Soul Art School art created by birte-thurow

Birte Thurow describes this Soul Art piece

This art piece was created during the Creative Entrepreneurship, a nü Era.
This artwork emerged on the final day – Day 3 – and I still have it on my phone as a background, as it keeps feeding it’s soul medicine to me.
Two things came through for me on this final day
Trust the Divine Feminine – I need to learn to trust this energy, to acknowledge her, to honour the divine feminine within me – this is a big challenge for me, lots of resistance… lots of healing to do… I feel ready for this journey now. A journey to me and my power. To honour my light within.
Air. I stopped breathing… in an effort to hold, control … I need to learn to breathe again, to consciously walk tall and breathe, allowing the life force to enter me fully. I am worthy of this life, of giving and receiving… As I breathe, I nourish my body, mind and soul. I definitely have a sense of transformation, the dawning of a new era.

Soul Art School art created by birte-thurow

This Soul Art piece in Birte Thurow’s words…

This is an old artwork, a portrait of a wine picker in the vineyards in Southern Africa, her name was Notemba (meaning Hope) and she was carrying a heaving bucket of grapes on her head. During Soul Art Creative Entrepreneurship, I was inspired to give her new life, to release the heavy load she was carrying and give her “Freedom of Choice”. There was so much release and joy as I painted over her 🙂

Soul Art School art created by birte-thurow

How Birte Thurow describes this Soul Art piece

“Blue Cat Dreaming” was started when I entered my first Soul Art Day, my first connection with Laura – wow what a journey this artwork has taken me on and is still taking me on… it’s almost finished, I thought I would get it done my the end of the year, but it seems it still wants to mature a bit more. The story keeps evolving, getting another layer and yet another layer. I am so intrigued and delighted by what emerges. The original image is a large digital sketch of my cat, which I printed on canvas and used as the starting point for my Soul Art Day journey.

Artist: Birte Thurow

Birte Thurow

Why Birte Thurow is in Soul Art School

I have been searching for a long time for a community, a tribe, which speaks my language and I feel like I have found my home with Soul Art School. It’s such a privilege to be guided by Laura, her wisdom, and the Divine wisdom which she channels is pure nourishment for my soul. I am doing the Bodymapping certification and loving it. I wish to deepen my connection to Soul and Spirit and help others do the same. I look back on a painting I created almost a year before meeting Laura, and I can clearly see her in this painting now, at the time of creation I didn’t understand it, but now I do – our paths were meant o cross.

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