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A Year of Artmaking

Make Art  that Expresses Your Soul

Soul Art® School

A Year of Artmaking

A year of artmaking is an invitation to claim your artist life. This transformational journey is a portal to the profound power of your unique creative expression.

Throughout the year of artmaking, you’ll be guided to explore a rich range of mediums using Soul Art practices.  You’ll learn how to see yourself from your soul’s perspective and transmit your uniqueness through painting, sculpture, costume, headpieces, Earth art, mixed media, emotional expression, and embodiment art.


What is Soul Art?


Soul Art is an approach to art making that puts your relationship with your spirit at the center. Through Soul Art practices, you deepen and strengthen this relationship to such a high degree that your whole life becomes a work of art.

Each month you’ll be guided through a Soul Art artmaking session with artist Laüra Hollick. You’ll have the month to work on your creative project, and over the year you will cultivate your unique body of work through these transformational journeys.

You don’t need art experience to thrive in Soul Art School. Whatever level of skill you’re starting from is the best place to enter your Soul Art journey.

A year of Artmaking is for any creative who wants to liberate their creative expression, clarify their unique style, and cultivate their artistic body of work.

Prepare to be dazzled by the divine expression that effortlessly flows through you as you dive into Soul Art School’s year of Artmaking!


Artmaking you’ll explore…


Self Portrait: Soul Art-Style

See yourself the way your soul sees you. Beyond beauty standards that are marked by trends and time, discover the timeless reflection of your soul’s true nature. Polish the mirror of your soul and see yourself clearly.

Emotional Expression

Harnesses the power of your emotions and learn how to channel them through your art to heal soul wounds and birth new realities. Experience the restoration of your wholeness through emotional expression.

Rainbow Watercolor Tree

Costume & Headpieces

Explore the exciting practice of making costumes and headpieces to express the archetypal energy of your soul’s deepest dreams and desires. You’ll be transformed!


Playing with colors, shapes, lines, and the movement of your brushstrokes, you’ll learn to paint in rhythm with your soul in ways that let your own symbolic language speak. Painting is a meditation where you meet yourself.

Paper Crane Tree

Embodiment Art

Embodiment Art is the practice of working with yourself as an art medium. Discover the magnetic power of becoming a physical channel for soul. Learn how to embody your essence through body shapes, movements, and archetypal expressions.

Sculpture & Installation

Bring your ideas into 3-D reality through sculpture and installation. This is where dreams really do become reality. Learn how to work with natural materials to build your visions in reality.

Laüra Hollick in Studio

Mixed Media

The world of artmaking is an endless exploration into creative expression. Throughout a year of artmaking, you’ll have the chance to play with a diverse range of mediums and styles to find what makes your soul sing!

Discover the power of your creativity!


Claim Your Artist Life!

Find your way home to yourself

Discover your artistic style

Create your unique body of work

Soul Art is an active prayer

Rituals transform your life!

Your Soul Art School one-year membership includes access to a robust Ritual Library designed to enrich and empower your life.

Along with an abundant array of rituals in our library, your Soul Art School membership also includes a new live ritual each month to connect and journey with community.

Some of the rituals you’ll find in Soul Art School…

Get Instant Access to Bonus Workshops!

Soul Art School members enjoy access to bonus online workshops, guided by Laüra Hollick.

These in-depth workshops give you the chance to dive into a creative retreat anytime!

You don’t need art experience to be able to enjoy these workshops. All you need is Internet access, some simple art supplies, and the desire to discover your full creative potential!


Soul Art calls you home to yourself

What people are saying about Soul Art School

For anyone who wants to be in touch with their soul and creativity in all aspects of their life, not just something on the side, I would recommend Soul Art School.

Christian Olguin

Through participating in the amazingly rich Rituals and Workshops so generously offered within Soul Art School and sharing the sometimes messy, sometimes joyful journey – I am witnessing empowering transformations in myself and others!

Creative inspiration and insights permeate into daily life as I’m shifting from a ‘normalized’ hyper alert, adrenaline fueled, urgently exhaustive survival state to one of open wonder, calm curiosity, compassionate courage and loving ease.

Being in Soul Art School deeply nourishes my heart, body and soul!

Bonnie Dorgelo

Soul Art opened the door for me to return to ‘Me.’ The transformation back to my truth. I have learnt how to tap into my intuition, to allow my essence to come through and how to express into physical forms. To understand and unlock the language of my soul is the true connection to life. What I absolutely love about Soul Art School is the tribe, like minded open hearts, a community of safe supportive space that makes you feel like home.

Yin Tsoi

I have lost count of the many transformations since starting the journey with Soul Art School. I feel stronger, calmer, and more confident in my own art and path, despite the fact that many things around me are in upheaval. I feel deeply grateful for this safe space which Laura holds in the Soul Art Community.

Birte Thurow

Soul Art is a truly transformative and empowering process. It is a container for a deep and rich inner experience through creative process. It gives a permission for creative self-expression, brings insights, cultivates self-trust and self-discovery. Trusting the creative process of Soul Art helps with trusting the process of Life itself.

Sylvia Barnowski

Soul Art School feeds my creative spirit and allows me to be guided by my own wisdom, my soul, and has given me permission to express myself through my art. The processes speak straight to my heart and I have found my creative voice with the support of Laura & the Soul art process.

Anna Alcock

I have choosen Soul Art School for my inner child happiness and healing. It’s the art school I always wanted to be in, the school I was wishing for, the school of deep diving, questioning and finding answers from within.

Katerina Suplie

My soul led me to Soul Art School. The artworks I created using the Soul Art process are a transmission and a portal for me to step into my next highest frequency.

Yennis Mak

I highly recommend anyone who is looking to up their creative self-care practice to join Soul Art School.

Nadia S. Krauss

In Soul Art School, I’ve been able to expand my ritual experience, knowledge and level of creativity. I never used to include art in my rituals and now I couldn’t imagine my rituals without some aspect of art. My definition of what art is has amplified.

Jacqueline Morasco

I’m in Soul Art School because it is a wonderfully creative community and Laura’s monthly journeys always help me to gain valuable insights about who I am, where I’m going in life and why. I also love having the opportunity to share the journey with my fellow artists so that we can encourage and inspire one another along the way.

Alex Kanka-Graves

I love being part of Soul Art School… It is a sisterhood!

Antoinette Bishop

Soul Art School is a wonderful community to develop your creativity, inspire each other and share your Soul Art. You can work and grow at your own pace. I admire Laura’s art, her vision and her commitment to share her wisdom with others.

Doris Vetterling

Soul Art School is a beautiful safe space to connect with other like-minded souls and it gives me permission to explore and express myself and to receive kind and honest support on my life’s journey.

Nina Berzbach

Soul Art School has helped me to reconnect with my creativity and joy. I have been able to connect in ways with myself that I did not think was possible. I can express my spirituality, culture through my art and it has healed profound wounds. Soul Art has helped me collect the lost pieces of myself and reintegrate them together again.

Veronica Gonzalez

Soul Art School helped me to have a simple and real way to put myself into painting or thinking about my art every day.

Milena Drolma

Soul Art School is one of the few places that gives me exactly the support I need when I need it, with the tools and skills to find my own inspired and aligned answers… a true north compass. As a life-long member of Soul Art School, I am part of an amazing, creative, spiritual and sophisticated community in which I do not feel afraid to be myself and share my soul’s journey.

Beka Buckley

Soul Art School is like a home for me, like a garden full of beauty and I love and feel honoured being part of this community.

Soul Art School is a place of transformation and empowerment as you learn to guide yourself, a place where all my gifts and interests came to a place of wholeness.

Malika Boulougne

Soul Art School feels like HOME to me. A place to feel fully seen, heard, and understood without having to use words to express the deepest and most vulnerable truths of my Soul. The rituals & workshops guide me in ways that allow me to dive deep into my soul level beingness, to unearth the answers I am seeking, and bring to light the fullness of who I was born to be on this planet.

At this time of great upheavel, uncertainty, and change in our world, Soul Art School has been a sacred space of soulicious support & mentorship to feel safe, supported, and FREE to LIVE my spirit on Earth!

Suzanne Armstrong

In Soul Art School I allowed myself to express emotions more directly and freely.

Ellen Faber

I love the fact that I am part of the Soul Art School because I feel part of very special community of gifted women from all walks of life. I connect to my pure joy of being and artistic expression that is at the core of my soul. I am hoping to make art as my priority and life purpose. I feel this school is already helping me to find that purpose.

Olenka Rug

Through Soul Art you express what is alive in you in a healthy way, you choose which steps to take to bring more of what you want and transmute what you want less of into your life. You develop your own agency and your sovereignty by tapping into the abundant resources of your very own Creativity. You develop an unshakeable faith in Divine timing and are able to take tangible steps forward, whilst enjoying the journey.

Elica Johnson

Soul Art changes my way to approach art. It allows me to explore deeply what I feel, what is hidden in my body, and express my flow.

Maya Murielle Biabiany

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A Year of Artmaking


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About your guide, Laüra Hollick…

Laüra Hollick is an award-winning artist and Visionary Guide.

After walking 10,000 km on a Vision Quest, Laüra clarified her purpose and dove into business to realize it. She is the founder of Soul Art Studio Inc., a business devoted to circulating love around the planet with creative inspiration.

Laüra inspires audiences around the world with her art, insights, and global events like International Soul Art Day, the Global Vision Quest and the Yoni Art Project. Laüra gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art” and was featured on BRAVO TV in a documentary entitled “The Artist’s Life – Laüra Hollick.”

You are the art!

Grow YOU!