Step on to your sacred soul path…

is for you!

Your creative path is calling


Soul Art® School is your sacred space to cultivate your creative spiritual gifts and the courage to birth them in the world.

In Soul Art® School, you’ll be guided through rituals, transformational journeys and creative processes to activate your  soul’s path, heal old hurts, birth your dreams, and create your life as a living work of art.

Your membership in Soul Art® School is a treasure chest of inspirational jewels!

This is your sacred invitation to rise as the Rainbow Warrioress that you are and take a stand for your Creative Spirit!

Be the Creative Spirit you have always dreamed of being…

3 ways Soul Art® School will help you thrive!

Sacred Space

Without sacred space, nothing happens. When there is deeply nourishing sacred space you naturally feel safe to let your guard down and grow!

Soul Art® School is an energetic womb space filled with rich nutrients to help you be and become the fullest expression of yourself.

Let yourself be loved, nourished and held in the sacred space of Soul Art® School so you can thrive and prosper in the world!

Sacred Practice

To truly grow and prosper, you must tend to the garden of your soul. The process of tending to your garden is your sacred practice.

The Sacred Soul Art® Practices available in Soul Art School will give you simple and inspiring ways to build your creative spiritual muscles so your soul garden can flourish in your life!

This is where you get to do the deep inner work to explore, enrich, and empower your life!


Sacred Connection

Your life has both an inner and an outer component. You need both to feel the fullness of life. Your Sacred Practices will give you the inner power, and your Sacred Connections through our incredible global community will give you the outer connection.

Feeling the interconnected net of support from like-minded souls is the best soul-food there is!


There is a sacred space for you in Soul Art® School!

Creating in community is sacred!

Rituals transform your life!

Your Soul Art® School Membership includes a *NEW* Ritual and 21-Day Journal each month to deepen and elevate your life!

You’ll also receive access to our robust Ritual Library filled with inspirational sparks, transformational guidance, and life-changing creative practices to give you the wings to leap into your next level of your thriving life!

These are some of the rituals in our robust Ritual Library you’ll have access to with your Soul Art® School Membership….



Online Workshop for New Students!

Activate your Soul Art journey with this powerful workshop!


As a new student of Soul Art School you’ll gain immediate access to a 2-Day online Soul Art® workshop, where you’ll be guided through a tranformational process to awaken your next level of creative vision and embodied expression!

We’ll journey through a healing process to tend to any old traumas and hurts that may be hindering your life, and breathe nü life into your cells so you can thrive on Earth!

You don’t need art experience to be able to enjoy this workshop. All you need is Internet access and the desire to discover your full creative potential!

YOU are the art!

1-Year Membership includes…

  • 2-Day Online Soul Art® Workshop
  • Monthly Live Ritual
  • Monthly 21-Day Journal
  • Monthly Live Q&A
  • Access to our Private Soul Art® School Facebook Community
  • Sacred space online to share, connect and explore the monthly theme in community
  • Weekly inspirational emails to keep you connected with your journey
  • Access to Ritual Library to explore a vast range of transformational topics

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Be the person you came here to be!

About your guide, Laüra Hollick…

Laüra Hollick is an award-winning artist and Visionary Guide.

After walking 10,000 km on a Vision Quest, Laüra clarified her purpose and dove into business to realize it. She is the founder of Soul Art Studio Inc., a business devoted to circulating love around the planet with creative inspiration.

Laüra inspires audiences around the world with her art, insights, and global events like International Soul Art Day, the Global Vision Quest and the Yoni Art Project. Laüra gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art” and was featured on BRAVO TV in a documentary entitled “The Artist’s Life – Laüra Hollick.”

Your life is your soul’s art!

It’s time to grow your dreams!