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Transform your wounds into works of art

A Year of Artmaking

This is a soul invitation…


“Heal with Art” is a sacred journey of self-discovery, creative awakening, and deep transformation. Throughout this year-long online experience, you’ll learn how to turn your wounds into works of art so you can realize your soul’s potential here on Earth.

Healing is the call to restore wholeness where once there was rupture. When you have parts of yourself that have been wounded, traumatized, gaslit, unresolved, denied, diminished, undeveloped, or shamed, it is hard to move forward and thrive. These wounded parts have a way of putting a pause on our dreams.

Heal with Art is an opportunity to renew yourself!


Art gives you a way to process your pain and alchemize the past into a purposeful future. Art opens a door to the divine where true healing happens. Art can harness the power of your creative energy to heal your deepest wounds. Allowing yourself to heal with art can be one of the most meaningful experiences of your life!

A whole year dedicated to your healing

What we’ll cover in

“Heal with Art” at Soul Art School includes 12 powerful online Soul Art® sessions guided by Laura Hollick, creator of the Soul Art work.

  1. Activate Your Journey
  2. Heal Your Inner Child
  3. Heal Your Developmental Stages
  4. Heal Your Mother Wound
  5. Heal Your Father Wound
  6. Heal Your Family Wound
  7. Heal Your Body
  8. Heal Your Sexuality
  9. Heal Your Voice
  10. Heal Your Money
  11. Heal Your Relationships
  12. Living Healed

You’ll also receive a downloadable journal to hold you throughout the year.

Heal with Art Journal

Unlock the power of your creativity!

You have a creative genius within you…

Heal with Art is for any creative who wants to liberate their life from the chains of past wounds and create a future that ignites your passion and purpose.

You don’t need art experience to thrive in Soul Art School. Soul Art processes don’t rely on technique to get results.

Prepare to be dazzled by your creative genius and your profound capacity to heal.

Be part of something beautiful

Experience the bounty of Soul Art School

“Heal with Art” includes a 1-year membership to Soul Art School, which houses a robust online library of rituals and workshops to enrich and empower you.

Just one of these bonus workshops can completely transform your life!

Healing gives you a fresh start

What people are saying about Soul Art School

“Soul Art School has helped me to reconnect with my creativity and joy. I have been able to connect in ways with myself that I did not think were possible. I can express my spirituality and culture through my art, and it has healed profound wounds. Soul Art has helped me collect the lost pieces of myself and reintegrate them together again.”

– Veronica Gonzalez

“In Soul Art School I allowed myself to express emotions more directly and freely.”

– Ellen Faber

“I have lost count of the many transformations since starting the journey with Soul Art School. I feel stronger, calmer, and more confident in my own art and path, despite the fact that many things around me are in upheaval. I feel deeply grateful for this safe space that Laura holds in the Soul Art Community.” 

– Birte Thurow

“Finding my true creative and magical essence through the Soul Art journey was a significant transformation in this life-transitioning stage of my life.”

– Jayni Bloch

“I first joined the Soul Art tribe when I was on a quest to heal my body. Soul Art opened the door for me to return to ‘Me.’ The transformation back to my truth. I have learnt how to tap into my intuition, to allow my essence to come through and how to express into physical forms. To understand and unlock the language of my soul is the true connection to life.”

– Yin Tsoi

Unlock your creative potential!

Soul Art® School

A Year of Artmaking


  • 12 Monthly online “Heal with Art” sessions guided by Laura Hollick
  • Access to replays of live sessions
  • 1-Year membership in Soul Art School
  • Access to private Soul Art School Facebook Group
  • Sacred space online to share, connect and explore your Soul Art journey
  • Weekly inspirational emails to keep you connected with your journey
  • Access to the Soul Art School Ritual Library to explore a vast range of transformational topics
  • Access to Soul Art School bonus workshops

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Imagine who you’ll become as you heal!

About your guide Laura Hollick

Laura Hollick is an award-winning artist and creator of Soul Art®. Through her own creative healing journey, Laura developed the Soul Art processes that have gone on to inspire hundreds of thousands of people around the world through global art events like International Soul Art Day, Soul Art School, and the Soul Art Certification.

BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura’s art and life called “The Artist’s Life-Laura Hollick.” Laura hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called “The Artist’s Lifestyle.” Laura gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art.”

You are the art!

Grow YOU!